Thursday, May 15, 2008

Theocracy (Metal Age Records)

First of all, mega thanks to Jason from Seastorm Entertainment for getting me this exceptional cd. Upon initial listen I recognized the song “Mountain” from the Prog Power IV compilation, and I have to say it was one of the better tracks on the dual disc comp. I also recognized some of the classical melodies as having been used by Savatage and Virgin Steele before. That’s not to say this is copycat material. It isn’t, but it doesn’t stray from the progressive power metal realms either; which I don’t feel is anything to fuss about. All my requirements require is that the music in question sounds good, holds my attention and causes my emotional reactor to spin, power up or explode. This CD does all that. So I was surprised to read in the booklet that this is a one man band. Matt Smith does everything: lead and choir vocals, guitars and bass, keys, orchestration and drums via machine (not terribly noticeable unless you’ve focused your attention on the timing which is very definitely too perfect). In conclusion: passionate, powerful and absolutely worth your time.

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