Friday, May 16, 2008

Jasmine Cain - The Inside (Self-Financed)

Steeped in traditional 70's hard rock influence, and highlighted with the warmth of Jasmine's charismatic voice, The Inside rocks with a spirited grace and melodic allure that makes repeated listens a non-stop pleasure. The songwriting is as natural as you can get. Most of the tracks charging along at a mid-tempo trot, though there are a couple of slower numbers that are as soothing as they are soulful. Now if you want to get nit-picky, the guitars could have been recorded "hotter" (or maybe just EQ'd to sound hotter) and the 'studio speak' intro to "Getting' High" could have been left off. Nevertheless, the mix is about good as you can expect for a self-financed effort. Live, they play the bar scene which means lots of covers; covering everything from King's X to a more metal version of the Georgia Satellite's "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" complete with horns in the air.

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