Friday, May 16, 2008

Avian - From the Depths of Time

Reverblicious melodic power metal fortified with creative hooks, conceptual lyrics and subtle progressive maneuvers that pull you along with the genius of their execution. Top this off with the soaring vocals of Lance King you get an album that stands out as exceptional in the crowded field of metallic prog releases.
However, with guest musicians used on the cd and in live performance you get the impression that this is a side project. Opening for Gamma Ray, Mike Simonds filled in Dave Ellefsons vacant bass slot and Steve Soderstrom played drums (David Small played all the drums on the album). Jonah Weingarten played keyboards on the cd and live. Also playing on the cd and live is guitarist Roger Moore who is listed on the album as a guest musician. (??)
Despite the lack of a stable line-up this high-class affair from the mind of guitarist and band founder Yan Leviathan is the perfect album to lead young ones astray from the ravages of mainstream staleness. My favorite track is “The Depths of Time” followed by “As the World Burns” and “Blinding Force.” On Nightmare Records.

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