Friday, May 16, 2008

Syrens Call - Against Wind and Tide MCD (Brennus Music)

Hailing (or perhaps I should say sailing?) from the shores of France, Syrens Call have arrived with a melodic rain-shower of proggish edged metalistic wonder. Overall, the five songs on this multi-media mini-cd are somewhat moody, but in a pleasant introspective rainy day kind of way. Swirling keyboards and guitars lift you up and take you away with mid-tempo melodies that occasionally climax into a frenzy of notes as well as diving down into the balladish. The instrumental whirlpool of “Aquatic Coma” was previously released on their first album Fantasea; and it sounds as if it has been re-recorded here. New singer Soraya Hostens smooth passionate voice blends into to the melodic multi-colored metal seashell that is Syren’s Call effortlessly; her voice remarkably similar to their last singer. The production however, could use a little more oomph. Nevertheless, the songs float quite well and swim even better. There is also a video, slide show, lyrics and wallpapers. No life preserver needed.

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