Friday, May 16, 2008

Seasons of the Wolf - Once in a Blue Moon

With Seasons of the Wolf it is always the season to bark at the moon; and with this release, even blue ones. Always mysterious, always defiant, always there to lead you to a place of cosmic aural rapture; SOTW once again channel eiree gothic tones of what could possibly be previously unknown frequencies; which may explain why it is so hard to pinpoint their influences. Sounding refreshingly different than anything you may have heard, no matter how obscure, SOTW gallop with darkness, danger and old unmentionable terrors; enlightening your musical senses with an ethereal darkness and psychadelic edge surely meant to take you to realms unheard - and keep you there. Not to say you won’t find kindness with this group, “Snaggletooth” was featured on the Steve Rolbiecki cancer benefit compilation. Once bitten, twice persuaded.

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