Sunday, April 5, 2009

Son of Eric - Epiphany (Self-financed)

Hard biting classic rock from central Minnesota, the Son of Eric is the new band from Torok lead vocalist Bryan Erickson. Bryan not only sings on this release but plays all the rhythm guitar, bass and piano/synth parts.

Guest guitarists include Mike Torok the original Impaler lead guitarist (who recently rejoined the impaling ones), Shrapnel recording artist Todd Duane, Matt Graunke from Minneapolis’s Menace and John Lyell. Drums are credited to session drummer Greg Marrow though once in awhile you get the feeling that there is a drum machine behind the songs, most notably on “Black Rain Falls.”

The production is thin and snappy with slightly too much midrange warmth EQ’d out, not unlike the 80’s Shrapnel releases. However, the bottom line is that if you dig traditional mid-paced hard rock you will more than likely enjoy Epiphany. It’s decent and it does in fact rock - just don’t expect any surprises.

The touring band will include Epiphany co-producer Mike Jezmer on bass and his younger brother Mark Jezmer on drums.

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